What is digital signage? And its importance for a business

What is digital signage? And its importance for a business

Thanks to the evolution that online advertising or digital marketing has had, everyone who moves in the world of the web needs to be increasingly documented to be at the forefront of the requirements that exist in the real world. If you got to this post you are in luck, because with us you can learn what digital signage is, its advantages, how it works Chiefway Smart Film, and everything you require knowing to be able to use it.

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What Is Digital Signage?

Communicate, inform yourself through multimedia content, on the streets of the city smart film pdlc, in metropolitan and railway stations, airports, shops, shopping centers, places of entertainment and restaurants; And this list could grow even more, if you include the health sector, private companies and public organizations.

It is about digital signage, or digital panels, children of the old and luminous static billboard, in which the contents were continuously projected by means of a CD or DVD.

Better known as digital signage, digital signage is an advertising format that is based, as its name implies, on the broadcasting of digital content, through various devices such as projectors, totems, touch panels and screens.

Outdoor digital signage

A clear example of a digital outdoor project can be seen in the Plaza de Callao in Madrid, and it is hardly normal, since as the name indicates, these are located in public places that generally have a large influx of passage, where it is common to use the facade of a building to have better results.

Other examples of are, for example, subway stations, buses, access points to cities, gas stations, among others.

Although it requires a strong investment to launch a digital campaign of this type, it is well worth it, because thanks to its visibility and spectacularity, the objectives are almost always achieved.

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Indoor digital signage

This type of signage, for its part, is more committed to proximity and you-to-you contact with the customer or consumer; in the same way that the outdoor ones use interactive screens Chiefway, but much smaller and they are generally found, and as their name implies, inside points of sale.

As is to be expected, the campaign with indoor digital signage is much more accessible, due to the fact that it requires less investment, however, according to experts in the field, it has many more possibilities of influencing the purchase of a consumer, Because it has the advantage of being strategically at the point of sale, which makes it a favorable situation to achieve conversion.

Digital Signage as A “Network”

If you have wondered how does digital signage really work? This is made up of one or more terminals located throughout the territory, even thousands, scattered throughout the world, digital signage is a network, small or very extensive, managed by a central server, which sends multimedia content in a remote to all terminals.

The terminals are connected to this network by means of a digital player that reproduces, on one or more panels, texts, images and videos that may or may not have audio, received by the server.

Digital panels can be of different types, wall or ceiling displays, totems, interactive tables, depending on the scope and communication needs.

The central server receives the content from a terminal that manages all the programming, and this management system is provided by Visual Content Management software, through which all content can be remotely controlled.